Plano Custom Wedding Gowns

When you desire the best and are looking for a one-of-a-kind gown, look no further than the Plano custom wedding gowns at LeAnn’s Bridal.

We know it can be tempting — it's getting late at night and you finally have some time for yourself. You'd like to surf the web for the perfect Plano custom bridal dresses and, lo and behold, you find some beauties.

Well, ladies, don't set yourself up for a broken heart. Much like most other things on the web, the dresses are not what they seem. Ill-fitting, low quality fabrics and trims — even the colors can be way off of what you've been led to believe. These aren’t exactly high-quality Plano custom wedding gowns.

Step into our designer boutique to find custom wedding gowns in Plano TX

There is nothing like a brick and mortar experience for you and your wedding party. This is your special day and your one-of-a-kind gown will be given the utmost attention. Our creative staff can help you sort through your pictures and sketches. Our line of custom bridal dresses in Plano TX begin with your dreams as well as precise measurements and knowledge of the style and venue of your wedding.

By shopping with Leann’s Bridal for Plano custom wedding gowns, you can trust that we will get all the details to set you up for perfection on your wedding day.

Covering your needs for Plano custom bridal dresses

The shop's namesakes, the LeAnns, are mother and daughter Cathy and Alyssa and they have been in the business for more than four years now. They know custom wedding gowns in Plano TX. 

Before the shop was on the scene in Texas, they were busy researching and working hard to make their own dreams come true. You can rest assured, when you shop for Plano custom wedding gowns with us, that you will get the highest quality materials and the perfect fit.