LeAnn’s Bridal is the product of a mother-daughter duo and a long-time dream. Cathy and Alyssa are Oklahoma natives, mother and daughter, and most importantly, best friends. The saying “A mother is a daughter’s best friend,” applies to these two more than most. Practically inseparable, the two have always been their family and friend’s go-to gals when creativity and passion are needed. It is this passion and creativity that has led them to finally realize their goal of opening a bridal boutique. This is an idea that the pair had discussed many times in the past, but the timing was never right until now.


In 2013, Cathy and Alyssa realized that this crazy, exciting dream may finally become a reality. They brainstormed, researched, planned, and spent countless hours discussing this possibility. These efforts were further supported by a wedding and two engagements that all took place within a few months in the Landers’ household. The endless atmosphere of love and happiness were the “icing on the cake” that Cathy and Alyssa channeled to move their dream forward. They have been able to witness firsthand how important and exciting this time is for a future bride, and they knew immediately that they just had to be a part of this environment. With that realization, LeAnn’s Bridal was established. 


Coming up with the store name may have been the easiest part of the whole process, as both Cathy and Alyssa’s middle names are LeAnn. Once the two had a name, everything else started to fall into place – with lots of hard work and family support. Cathy and Alyssa are beyond excited to have the opportunity to help brides find their dream gown because they know that this gown is so much more than a dress. They know it embodies love, memories, and every girl’s dream of happily ever after.